When you are leaving your rental property, you would always anticipate getting all your bonds back without any deductions. However, as per a bond designed by the owner, when any tenant moves out of the property, they need to hand over the rental property in the condition that they have received it. This helps you get the bond amount back without any hassles. Rental bond cleaning Adelaide, in such cases, is the sole way that aids you get your bond amount back.

Trained cleaning professionals at rental cleaning Adelaide clean your rental property in the best possible way to ensure the landlord gets impressed and returns all your bond amount. In bond cleaning services, you get specific cleaning that is completely different from the regular cleaning services.

 Professional rental cleaning Adelaide

It comprises all essential rental cleaning checklists and fulfils all the claws mentioned in the bond. If you are getting your house cleaned by bond cleaning services, there are certain things that you need to make sure of. In this editorial, learn what you should ensure, expect, and fulfilled from the bond cleaning services.

Vacating the property 

If you are accomplishing the bond cleaning of your house, you need to vacate your property first. Your household things would always make it tedious for the cleaning services to clean every corner of the house. Thus, if you have already finalized any other rental property, then you must move out all your belongings and shift them. Some tenants also do leave behind some things that are no longer useful to them. However, these things can also make the vacated property messier. You need to vacate the complete property and then start the cleaning process.

Understand the bond cleaning, handover, and refund process

Now that you have vacated the property, you need to contemplate the bond refund process and how it works before starting the cleaning. Before the settlement, you have to sign a bond claim form. This is a similar form that had signed when you started leaving the property. The banking and financial information are mentioned where the landlord can refund your bond money. Besides, you also have to fill in all your contact information to ensure that you will get your bond amount back with ease.

When there is a circumstance when your landlord/property manager doesn’t meet an agreement, then you might need to furnish evidence to explain and ensure why you should get all your bond refunds.

Deep cleaning

After understanding the bond cleaning, claws, and refund process, you would always ensure to attain the best cleaning to achieve your full bond refund. Deep cleaning of your rental property is obligatory to make sure that you can claim your bond refund with strong evidence. You can yourself clean the house, but you won’t get the restoration you wish for. The professional’s approach to bond cleaning is more convenient, as they don’t even leave any single corner with your elbow grease or any other mark.

The deep cleaning offered by the cleaning services is so authentic and result-driven that it returns the house to a property manager in its original condition.

Areas that are unreachable to you also get cleaned by the professionals in the deep cleaning process. It includes the door frames, window trimmings, false ceiling, and ceiling. If provided in the property, even the vents of air cleaners and room heater get properly cleaned in the deep cleaning process. You can ask for a deep cleaning checklist from your property manager to find no trouble in the future.

Washing of the walls

The walls comprise the major area of any rental property. When any property manager inspects the property, they check out the walls first and make sure the paint is as it is. So, one of the primary things that you should also ensure in your bond cleaning is the washing of the walls. Wash the walls with professional solutions to make sure that you are eliminating all the stains. An ideal bond cleaning services always swab off the wall surface left to right and top to bottom. They also wipe the wall with non-abrasive scrubs to wash the walls without any damage.

Several cleaning services also use microfiber materials for washing the walls for more special results. However, examining the wall surface is mandatory before cleaning the walls. This will help you evaluate the damage levels and the solutions you need to remove those stains. Sometimes, your cleaning partners may clean those stains with a home-based solution.

Releasing stains from the wallpaper-wrapped walls

Apart from the regular walls, several walls in the rental property are wallpapered these days. Releasing the stains from the wallpaper wall is an extremely risky job. You might even end up damaging the wallpaper, which will force you to wrap a new one. While cleaning your wallpapered walls, make sure that the rental bond cleaning services use non-abrasive and soft scrubs and microfiber materials.

Professional bond cleaning services would never use a water-based solution on the wallpapered walls, as it can damage and remove the paint.

Absorbing the moisture from the house

It is not good to leave the house with dampness on the walls and ceilings. It will bring a bad impression along with it. Dampness will not easily dry up even after dry cleaning. Thus, you need to find a professional solution. The dampness on the walls can also damage the paint finish. Professional rental bond cleaning Adelaide always uses absorbent materials to absorb all the dampness and make the walls and the house dry.

If required, they use the heat treatment to remove all the dampness inside the house. Not only the interior walls and the surfaces, but professional cleaning services also clean the exterior walls and surfaces of the house to make sure you get your bond refund back with ease.


Wrapping up, this is how you need to ensure the cleaning of your rental property. Cleaning with professionals will no doubt always offer you the best results. So, you should also hire professional bond cleaning to get the bond back.

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