Moving out of a rented property could be a tiring venture with a lot of planning, packing, moving and relocating to the new place. And then, there is this property that is to be handed over to the owner at the end of lease. Managing everything at this property could be more daunting than it seems and therefore planning is the best solution for a hassle-free moving out.

Among all the hustle, you should not forget to clean up the entire property according to the lease agreement standards before handing it back to the owner. But what if some people do not take cleaning as an important thing to do? Well, read on to know why it is an important undertaking and needs to be dealt with seriously.

Why is it important to clean up the property before handing it over to the owner or the property manager?

 It is also important to do so because only then are you eligible to get back the bond from the owner that you gave away while renting the property. You are supposed to hand over the property in the best of its condition, at least near to what it was when you rented it. And upon satisfaction, the owner will return you the bond money, else not.

Cleaning up the entire property could be a very tiresome job and sometimes quite difficult for you to get it done all by yourself. But with an end of lease cleaning Adelaide service provider, it could become a breeze! Professional cleaning is always a superior clean-up than what you can do yourself.

But again, before hiring a professional cleaner for the entire cleaning, ensure that the cleaning standards as mentioned in the agreement are completely met with.

For this, you need to consider a few things step-by-step. 

  1. Read the rent agreement completely: Reading the rent agreement will help you understand what clauses have been mentioned concerning the cleaning standards when the property is supposed to be returned. Without knowing this, you will miss out on certain things already mentioned as per the owner’s expectations and then you might not get the bond amount back. Therefore, to ensure that all the cleaning is undertaken as per the expectations of the owner, you need to go through the rent agreement at least once and understand it.
  1. Make a checklist to cover all aspects of cleaning: Making a checklist of all the cleaning will ensure proper execution of the cleaning process. Cleaning up the entire property is an elaborate process and one might miss out on some parts. Making a checklist of all that is required to be done will facilitate the process of the cleaning. If you are hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service provider, then it is easier to request the services and also to supervise if they are being executed in the best way or not. In a nutshell, we can say that a checklist makes for smooth execution of the cleaning process without any ambiguities.
  1. Manage the cleaning all by yourself: Cleaning up the entire property while you are putting-up is a different scenario, as you clean it in batches or as per your convenience. But cleaning everything all at once is completely different and somewhat exhausting. If you can clean the property all by yourself, you can go ahead. But make sure you have enough time, equipment and supplies to get it done in the best way. Also remember that while you are relocating to another house, it will also require your energy to pack, move and set up things there. You may be a working professional or a busy housewife and may not be able to devote much time to clean this property in that case. So the best option here is to hire a professional service provider.
  1. Hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service provider: Hiring professionals for cleaning is the best option if you are looking for the ultimate clean-up of the rented property that you will be handing over. Once you understand the cleaning standard to be followed, you will realize that cleaning up to that level will surely need professional help. Hiring a professional service provider may be a great option as:

What kind of clean-up is provided by a professional end of lease Adelaide service provider?

Well, a professional end of lease cleaning service provider offers the following services:

  1. Carpet and upholstery cleaning- This forms an important part of the clean-up process as most of the times, tenants don’t get an easy claim because of the dirty carpets and upholstery. Carpets and upholstery are vacuum-cleaned or washed to make them completely dust-free and spotless so that there is no fuss concerning them.
  1. Stairways, grills and railings cleaning- Stairways, grills and railings are also wiped and cleaned to a sparkle.


End of lease cleaning by a team of professionals is the way to go when you are handing over the property to the property manager or the owner at the end of the lease term. This way, you can be sure of getting the property cleaned up in the best way possible and claim your bond with confidence. 

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