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Tips on how to keep your house always well organized and clean

Is keeping the house clean all the year around a dilemma to you? Are you wondering what it takes to tidy up your home in the least of time? If these questions are taking away the peace of your mind, read on to know the simple tips and tricks, following which you can always keep your nest sparkling clean and fresh.

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If you are short of time due to your busy schedule, then bond cleaning service in Adelaide may also be of great help. But for a clean and sparkling house, you have to consider certain cleaning tasks regularly.

Tips for a clean house:

Tip 1: Put away everything to where it belongs

This is the most sensible thing one can do. Instead of frantically looking for things when you need them, you should put them straight to the place where they belong soon after use. Leaving your books on the coffee table, dishes in the sink, or blankets unfolded on the bed makes a heap that quickly transforms into a huge mess. So, it is always a good idea to put them back into the drawers/ shelves/ cupboards meant for them and get them organized.

Tip 2: Begin with the small cleaning tasks

Little accomplishments can bring in a lot of vast differences. Instead of setting up an elaborate cleaning schedule, take up small cleaning tasks that are less time-consuming, so you don’t give up in the middle owing to the shortage of time. Once you are comfortable with the small tasks, then the cleaning routine automatically gets sorted. So, at one point you will not even realize how these little tasks have merged into your schedule and have started giving away big results. 

Tip 3: Regular de-cluttering

Nothing looks worse than a cluttered home. A cluttered house looks messy with accumulated dirt to worsen things. It even makes cleaning more time-consuming and tedious. Therefore it is always a good practice to remove the clutter as soon as it begins to pile up and becomes uncontrollable. You can pick a de-cluttering strategy that best suits your lifestyle. For example, if you have a limited time, you can opt for decluttering one room at a time. You may also use the under-utilized spaces of your house to put away the things that form the clutter. Additionally, you can do away with the things you no longer use or think you might use them someday in the future. 

Tip 4: Clean up one room at a time

Instead of doing everything all at once, you can split up the entire task of cleaning up the house into smaller tasks like cleaning up one room at one time and one day. This way you will not be overwhelmed with the tasks and can also focus on the room cleaning task taken at hand. Here’s how you can implement the task of cleaning one room at a time:


Proper storage is necessary to keep your bedroom well organized, so see to it if you have enough space to store your clothes and accessories. Otherwise, invest in storage baskets or containers that can fit under the bed or the vacant spaces in the room. A few habits that help keep your bedroom clutter-free and clean are:

  • Making the beds every morning
  • Folding the blankets and keeping them at their designated place
  • De-cluttering the room by putting away clothes, books and toys at their proper place.
  • Vacuum cleaning the rugs and the floor.


The bathroom can be wiped away soon after each shower. A wet floor, shower grime, toothpaste dribbles, mirror stains can all add up to a messy-looking bathroom. A regular clean-up of the bathroom is necessary to avoid creating a big mess if not taken care of for days. Check out for the following to keep your bathroom in shape:

  • Scrub-clean the tub, toilet and shower.
  • Clean the sink and the counter 
  • Wipe away the mirror spots
  • Mop clean the floor


Being one of the most important rooms in the house, your kitchen calls for extra cleaning and care. Some extra time and a little focus can always keep the kitchen from becoming a messy space. To have a mess-free kitchen, always focus on these things:

  • Clean the countertops as soon as you finish the cooking.
  • Put away the dishes so that you always have an empty sink.
  • Keep the refrigerator, range, microwave oven clean with a weekly schedule of cleaning each thoroughly.
  • Keep your pantry always organized

Living room

One of the most visited areas of the house, the living room may become the most littered place in a few hours. To keep a check on this, you may practice a few simple things:

  • Keep clearing the room of books, toys, games, etc.
  • Fold the blankets and arrange the pillows whenever you can through the day.
  • Dust off the end table, coffee table etc.
  • Vacuum clean the carpet on a routine basis (maybe weekly or biweekly as per your lifestyle calls for)

Tip 5: Make a house cleaning schedule and abide by it

Scheduling things is a powerful way to keep your entire house sorted and organized. You can split up even the small tasks into daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly routines and keep your house perfectly in shape.

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A cleaning schedule can keep your house clutter-free and tidy in the following ways. You can make a daily schedule, something like this:

  • Organize your bed as soon as you are out of it in the morning.
  • Make it a habit to keep cleaning your kitchen as you cook
  • While leaving a room, make it a habit to pick up the things that do not belong there and keep them back to their place
  • Clean up the messes and spills as soon as they occur so that the stains do not settle.

Certain cleaning tasks need to be followed every week. No one schedule fits all and you have to carve out one that practically suits your lifestyle. You can make a weekly schedule something like this:

  • For Monday- Moping and dusting
  • For Tuesday- Laundry and vacuuming
  • For Wednesday- Bedrooms
  • For Thursday- Kitchen
  • For Friday- Washrooms
  • For Saturday- Organizing cupboards and shelves

Similarly, you can carve out a monthly or quarterly schedule also and see for yourself how it helps keep your house in shape through the year.

Tip 6: Get the right cleaning tools and supplies

A good cleaning kit will help you to clean the house more efficiently and as such you feel more motivated to go for cleaning more often. It is a great idea to invest in the perfect cleaning tools and products that not only clean your house but also make your house-cleaning experience a pleasant one. With newer and more efficient products on the market, cleaning can be easier and quicker. Invest in them and you could make the cleaning a breeze.

Tip 7: Hire a professional house cleaner

If you lack time due to your busy schedule, you may want to hire a professional house cleaning service to help you with the most time-consuming tasks. The best bond cleaners Adelaide can clean up every corner of your house and give it the sparkle it so much deserves! 

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