Moving out of a rented apartment and shifting to a new accommodation can be exciting as well as daunting. The new location can open new ventures and new explorations and leave you excited. On the other hand, leaving your old accommodation as clean as you first rented it may make you feel apprehensive. And the worst part is that there is no escape from this. You can claim the bond back only if you get the space cleaned to the same level as you rented it. Amidst all the hustle of moving, it may become a tough task to clean up the entire house all by yourself.

end-of-lease cleaning Adelaide

In such a situation, professional companies for end-of-lease cleaning Adelaide may be a wise choice for getting your property cleaned before handing it over to your landlord. Many people are not convinced with the idea of hiring a team of professionals owing to their reasons. But once you know the benefits of hiring a professional vacate cleaning service, you may just agree.

Here are the 5 top reasons to look out for end of lease cleaning companies:

  1. It will save you time: The first and foremost reason is that cleaning takes time. On normal days, you might be able to handle it all by yourself, but when you are moving out, you have tasks lined up for you to do. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to manage time and get all the tasks done in the best possible way. Bond cleanings have to be of the highest standards and achieving that may be quite tough for you at the time when you are juggling between packing up your belongings and arranging things at your new home. It is then best to outsource your cleaning task to an experienced and expert professional who do it every day. These companies deploy trained people who make sure your rental space is cleaned quickly, in the best possible way. And this will indeed save you time, effort and unwanted stress while keeping you free to look over the things that need more attention. 
  2. Experts can do it right: When moving out of a rented property, you are for sure busy with the tasks that shifting brings, so it is not possible to pay attention to a detailed cleaning that the vacate cleaning demands. Some nooks and corners of the house or the gadgets and furnishings might be left ignored unintentionally. This may then risk you losing your bond money either in full or in part. Even if you plan to take help from family and friends, you can’t be sure if they can get the job done to perfection. You might again be at the risk of losing your bond money. But with the professional end of the lease cleaning company, you can be sure of getting the perfect result. Since the experts have been doing this kind of job all the while, you can expect them to provide you with the best cleaning possible. They will also follow the checklist provided by the landlord and see to it that it is completely adhered to. So, you can rest assured of getting your work done right.
  3. It may be a safer option: Most of us do not consider it, but these types of vacate cleanings can be a risky affair. You might be using chemicals that are not safe for you or your loved ones’ health. You may also have to climb up the ladder to reach higher points that may risk your safety. The professional cleaning staff is well trained for such tasks. They follow the best safety norms and wear personal protective equipment. They also use equipment and products that are not harmful to anybody’s health. 
  4. Professionals know exactly what to look for: When you are vacating the property, getting back your bond in full is your basic priority. For this, you need to present the property as clean as you took it from your landlord. Hoping to clean it as perfectly as it was at the beginning and all by yourself could be a task quite difficult. Because a thorough cleaning would require special equipment and your time and efforts too. At this point, hiring experts to do this on behalf of you would be a wise thing to do. Since the professionals are used to the end of tenancy cleaning, they very well know what is expected to be done. They look into each detail of the task and cater to even the tiniest of the task that requires to be completed. The detailed and thorough clean-up ensures that your landlord is satisfied with the work done and will not bring up any issues regarding the cleaning. This paves a clear path for you to get your bond back in full. 
  5. It helps you save money too: When you are moving to a new house, your expenditures are likely increasing because of your raised rent for the new accommodation or paying your monthly instalments if you have purchased your own house. Circumstances may differ, but expenses do occur due to a changed lifestyle and changing environment. So this will require you to be more cautious while making expenses. Cleaning services do indeed come at a cost, but if you compare it with the expenses that you will be required to purchase the cleaning products and the equipment, hiring services will cost cheaper. The reason is that they bring their products specifically meant for deep cleaning without harmful chemicals. They also bring professional equipment that is easier and quicker to work with. This saves you from buying unnecessarily supplies that you will not require later.


We hope the above top reasons to look out for end-of-lease cleaning services may have left you convinced. Hiring a professional house cleaning service in Adelaide is surely a great decision if you are determined to get your bond money back. So, do your research and get yourself some experts who not only make your cleaning process a breeze but also assure you of getting your bond money back in full.

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